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  • Do you have shipping options?
    We are located in New Haven, IN, and have multiple shipping options for those who live too far to pick up their puppy in person. We are so grateful for customers across the country who have chosen to work with us. Our shipping options include nanny air travel, air cargo travel, and ground transportation. ​ Nanny air travel is our best option for cross-country travel. With this option, your puppy flies as a "carry-on" with a member of our staff to the airport of your choice. This allows us to carefully care for your puppy throughout the journey, and give them to you directly at the airport! A few of the places we have traveled are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Corpus Christie, Dallas, Anchorage, Greenfield, Charlotte, Omaha, Boston, etc.​ There is some limitation based on the size of the puppy. If your puppy's head touches the top of the carrier, the airline will not clear them for travel. We fly out of Fort Wayne FWA. Air cargo travel is another option for customers across the country. With this option we work with American Airlines Cargo and surrender the puppy to their care at the airport. The puppy flies with the cargo, and can be picked up near the baggage claim of the flight. ​We have never had any troubles with this mode of transportation - it is safe for your puppy! Temperatures do have to be between 20 and 85 degrees outside throughout the entire journey. We fly out of Fort Wayne FWA. Our ground transportation option is best for states in the mid-west and some surrounding states. The puppy travels with a commercial shipper and is delivered to your address or a decided upon meeting place nearby. The cost of this is based on mileage to from us to you. We can also personally deliver to addresses within 150 miles. If we deliver personally, we do have to charge based on round trip mileage and not one-way. Whether you are from Indiana or from out of state, you are welcome to pick up on-site. We have had customers drive or fly in from all across the country to meet us and see where their puppy was raised. Please note that if you decide to nanny your puppy on a flight or drive your puppy home, you are responsible for the cost and safety of your puppy once he/she leaves our care.
  • What is the adoption process?
    Contact us with your interest in one of our puppies; we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Feel free to ask for updated photos as you choose your next companion. We ask for a $400 deposit to reserve a puppy, which is then taken off the total price of the puppy. Deposits are nonrefundable unless the puppy should get sick or injured in any way while in our care. Because of the magnitude of inquiries, we have a first-come, first-serve policy on reserving a puppy. We do not take full deposits before a puppy is born, but we do have a waiting list option (see "Is there a waiting list?" below). Deposits can be made through PayPal, certified check, credit card, or cash in person. We do take visitations by appointment-only on Mondays through Saturdays. Deposits can be made upon choosing a puppy during a visit. If you are unable to visit but would like to see your puppy in real time, we can set up a video chat appointment. Once the deposit is made on a puppy, some information that we need from our customers is full name, phone number, address, and email. This information is used for creating your receipt and sales contract stating our health guarantee. We also send your information to AKC for the registration of your puppy. Registration papers may take up to a few weeks after your puppy goes home to arrive at your address. We wait to register your puppy until he/she goes home and we know the new name of your pup! We send weekly updates and pictures of your puppy so that you can watch them grow! We will send home a vaccination record to show your veterinarian, and a small bag of food and blanket to help your puppy's transition. The remaining balance can be paid upon pick up or before pick up. For puppies traveling by ground or air shipping, final payments must be completed 3 days prior to travel so that there are no delays.
  • What is included in the price of a puppy?
    Our puppies come with an AKC protection package which includes AKC registration, a 30-day health insurance trial plan, a complimentary vet examination, a handbook with feeding and training tips, a year subscription to AKC's family dog magazine, and lost dog microchip enrollment. Your puppy will be up-to-date on vaccinations and de-wormers, microchipped, socialized, exercised, and begin potty training. All of our puppies come with a health guarantee, small bag of food, vet examination, blanket, and appropriate breed haircut. They are introduced to new sounds, people, and environments by the time they go home, helping them adjust easily to their new surroundings. The prices listed do not include charges for breeding rights, shipping, or the 3% fee associated with using PayPal or credit card for final payments. We are legally required to charge a 7% sales tax for any transaction completed within the state of Indiana. We accept certified checks, PayPal, credit card, cash, or Zelle.
  • What environment do the puppies grow up in?
    We take great pride in our dogs' and puppies' home. We have a grass and stone play yard with a playground for exercise. Each litter has their own bedroom with heated tile floors, rugs and beds for comfort, and a ramp to a doggie door to get outside. Many customers have told us that their puppies are semi potty-trained when they go home! We have hanging toys in every room, and a collection of toys that are rotated for enrichment. All of our dogs have constant access to running water and food. Each puppy is socialized to adults, children, and other dogs. The puppies are also introduced to getting their nails trimmed, coats cut, ears cleaned, and baths. We have music that plays for them during the day so that they are exposed to new noises. They exercise and play daily in the play yard, grass, puppy play room, or office area depending on the weather outside. They are not overnight crate trained, but do have some exposure to crates during cleaning, visits to the vet, or travel.
  • Is there a health guarantee?
    Yes, we do have a health guarantee. This guarantee states that the puppy will be free of any communicable diseases for five business days after the puppy goes home, and for up to two years for genetic issues such as hip dysplasia or a heart condition. If a puppy does get sick or has any type of parasite, we will work with our vet or yours to ensure the puppy becomes healthy once again. In the unlikely circumstance that the puppy is deemed by a veterinarian unsuitable as a pet, there will be a refund or replacement puppy and we will care for the sick dog. What falls under this would be any chronic health issue or disease that deems the quality of life to be poor and prognosis to be bad. We have a had such good luck and good breeding with our dogs and puppies that we do not expect the health guarantee to be needed, however it is in place to offer security to the puppies that leave our care. All of our puppies are examined by our vet around seven to eight weeks of age before they go home. They are up-to-date on vaccinations and de-wormers. A vaccination record will be provided to all of our customers. Once our adults reach two years of age or older, they are scheduled for OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) testing to ensure that their health and body condition is of breeding quality.
  • Do you offer full or limited registration?
    Most of our puppies find homes as pets only, but a select few go to responsible families who would like a litter of their own! The prices listed on our litter pages are for pets only (limited registration). Full registration for breeding and showing rights is available for an additional price. The price for full registration is an additional $500 for females and $250 for males.
  • Can we visit the puppies?
    Absolutely! We love meeting potential customers as you pick out the newest member of your family. This allows us to make sure our puppies are going to homes where they will be cared for and loved, and allows you to see which puppy you connect with. All visitations are by appointment only! We are open Monday-Saturday, and typically meet between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. Contact us if you would like to set up an appointment. If you have placed a deposit on a puppy, and would like to visit them before their go home date, we would be happy to set an appointment with you as well!
  • Is there a waiting list?
    Yes, we do have the waiting list option. You may choose to be first pick male or first pick female for an upcoming litter. If first pick is reserved, second and third picks are an option. To be put on the waiting list we require $100 of the $400 deposit to reserve a puppy. Once the puppies are born, you may choose your puppy and pay the remaining $300 of the deposit. We ask that you choose your puppy within the first three weeks so that we may let other potential customers know which puppies are still available. If there are no puppies of the sex you reserved, we can either refund the $100 deposit or place you on the waiting list of our next litter.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    Deposits placed on puppies are generally non-refundable unless the puppy were to get sick or injured while in our care. Deposits on waiting lists for puppies that have not yet been born are also non-refundable unless there are no puppies of the sex that had been reserved. If a reserved puppy's vet examination reveals anything concerning, we will notify the customer immediately. In such cases, if the customer decides not to go through with the sale, the deposit will be refunded. Any extreme circumstances on the customer's end are discussed on a case-by-case basis. We do our best to cater to the needs of our customers. If you have any concerns please reach out to us, and we can speak to you on the subject.
  • What happens to retired adults?
    We love all of our adults, but unfortunately do not have room to keep them all with us here after they retire. We follow the standards set by Purdue University Canine Care for number of litters and maximum breeding age. When our adults reach the age of retirement or are ready to retire, they are spayed/neutered and re-homed. We look for families who preferably have had the breed before and have the time to give them the proper exercise and care. Fenced-in yards are ideal for retired breeders so that they can have unrestricted access to potty breaks as they get older, and freedom to exercise as they would like to. We also work with trusted people who have experience re-homing retired breeding dogs. If you are interested in any of our adults, contact us and we can let you know when they may be available for re-homing.
  • Do you have any licenses and certifications?
    Yes, we are licensed and inspected by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We are a registered retail merchant in the state of Indiana. We are also Canine Care Certified. Canine Care is a voluntary program based on extensive research by Purdue University. They have rigorous standards for breeders to ensure the physical and behavioral well-being of our dogs and puppies. Detailed records are kept on each dog for any vet care received, daily exercise, environmental factors, kennel cleaning plans, enrichment plans, socialization, breeding standards, and more. These standards go above and beyond USDA and BOAH requirements. We strive to educate others about this program so that those in the dog breeding world are held accountable, and consumers are going to the highest quality breeders to find their newest family member. We are also a part of ICAW (Indiana Council for Animal Welfare), which is a fellowship of breeders in the state of Indiana who hold each other to high standards and always seek new learning opportunities. We attend two seminars per year with ICAW for the purpose of training and connecting with other vets, breeders, clubs, trainers, and more. We are involved in a local Kennel Management Assistance Program which provides encouragement and assistance among breeders to ensure all standards for USDA are being followed. The accountability for quality breeders within the industry is high, and we are always seeking improvements.
  • Why should I purchase from a breeder?
    Disclaimer: We are not discouraging anyone from giving a home to rescue and animal shelter pets. We think adopting is very important as well, but does not always line up with the wants and needs of the adopting family. We also understand that unfortunately not every breeder lives up to the high standards listed below. It is important to ask a breeder questions about their qualifications before purchasing. 1. Accountability: Quality breeders have a very high level of accountability through USDA, Canine Care, ICAW, BOAH, and KMA to name a few. See our section on licenses and certifications to learn more about the inspections and standards we follow. This ensures the welfare of every dog and puppy on the premises. 2. Health: When purchasing from a quality breeder, you can know your puppy's ancestry and the health history of the parents. The puppy will fit into the breed standard and should come with a health guarantee. Many breeders have their adults tested through OFAs and/or DNA profiles to screen for diseases. Parents are chosen based on their health, behavior, appearance, and ancestry. Breeders work very closely with their assisting veterinarians to keep everything up to par. 3. Socialization and Training: A quality breeder will have a puppy well-socialized to new people, children, other animals, and new environments by the time he or she goes home. You know that each and every puppy is given the care and attention they deserve during the crucial period of development birth to eight weeks. Purchasing from a breeder can bypass some of the behavioral problems associated with shelter animals. It also can ensure they are exposed to grooming, vet visits, other dogs, and more. 4. Living Environment: Quality breeders living up to standard have spacious area for each of their dogs that includes 24-hour indoor/outdoor access. In addition, at least 60 minutes per day where the dog or puppy can run freely outside. In general, they are exposed to a wider variety of surfaces, get more exercise, and have a wider range of enrichment activities than a shelter or non-reputable breeder. Reputable breeders have a rigorous standard of cleaning. Here at our place, our dogs are spoiled with heated flooring, vaulted ceilings, fans, beds, toys, treats, and a doggie door in their clean environments. 5. Appearance: While this category is of lesser importance, many people look for a dog that will live up to the breed standard in appearance. You know what you are getting when you purchase a purebred or specialty bred puppy from a breeder. The look of your favorite breed is something that can be very special.
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