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Tel: 260.410.5950 or 260.255.8684• Email: • Address: New Haven, IN

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Location and Shipping Options

We are located in New Haven, IN, near Fort Wayne. For safety reasons, we do not disclose our exact address here. Please contact us if you would like to come visit our wonderful puppies! We are available to take appointments Monday through Saturdays, and love to meet potential customers and talk to them about what we do!

We are grateful for customers across the country who have chosen to work with us. We have several shipping options including nanny air travel, air cargo travel, and ground transportation.

Nanny air travel is our best option for cross-country travel. With this option, your puppy flies as a "carry-on" with a member of our staff to the airport of your choice. This allows us to carefully care for your puppy throughout the journey, and give them to you directly at the airport! A few of the places we have traveled are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Corpus Christie, Dallas, Anchorage, and Greenfield, SC.

Air cargo travel is another option for customers across the country. With this option we work with American Airlines Cargo and surrender the puppy to their care at the airport. The puppy flies with the cargo, and can be picked up near the baggage claim of the flight.

Our ground transportation option is best for states in the mid-west and some surrounding states. The puppy travels with a commercial shipper and is delivered to your address.

Contact us with any questions about shipping, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to see our available puppies.

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